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We have got the latest techniques in eyebrow shaping, tinting and creating thicker more full looking brows. When you are ready to simplify the process of improving your beauty routine, you can rely on us for convenient, high quality and effective treatments. Let our team of experts deliver perfectly shaped and beautifully maintained eyebrows.



One of our most popular facial treatments using the latest technology in diamond head microdermabrasion & sonophoresis. A rejuvenating clincal grade skin treatment using active ingredients & antioxidants. The results are instant & long lasting, leaving your skin soft, fresh & glowing. Micodermabrasion is a non-surgical safe & gentle treatment that deeply exfoliates & polishes […]

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Lash Lifts

Lash lifts, the new and improved way of creating longer, more lifted lashes, that open up your eyes! These are non damaging to your natural lash and lasts up to 8-10 weeks. Unlike lash extensions these are your own lashes, you can rub your eyes and swim and still have perfect looking lashes. You can […]